QuickCool Nasal Cavity Cooler​

​In the development of the QuickCool Nasal Cavity Cooler, Soltech was involved in the complete product development process. We were involved from an early stage in the development of a tubing set, a heat exchanger and a nasal catheter, to the production of these components in our ISO Class 8 cleanroom. The product is now going through clinical trials in hospitals and it is patented and CE approved.

Our client came to us with the idea of applying local cooling to the brain for stroke patients. The advantage of this approach is a quick cooling effect without the associated negative side-effects of having to cool down the entire body.

However, a couple of problems showed up on QuickCool's journey towards realizing this vision. First of all funding was needed and secondly they needed someone with the resources and capabilities to develop the product.

QuickCool succeeded in raising capital for the project, and turned to Soltech to develop the product. Soltech took an active part in the product development and together we managed to design, produce, and validate the QuickCool Nasal Cavity Cooler. It is now in clinical trial to prove its potential to save lives, and significantly reduce the risk of brain damage in situations like cardiac arrest, traumatic brain injury and subarachnoid hemorrhage.

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