Custom Controller Units​

We make custom controller units for individual assignments. By combining a series of standard components and lots of creativity and know-how, these controllers become quite clever and powerful units. We choose in advance which hardware that will be most suitable for the assignment in order to optimize the cost-benefit ratio.

In most cases our controller units will be used in heat sealing, bonding or tip forming devices. An example of a controller unit used on a heat sealing product could be a machine used for sealing peel pouches for the medical industry. Because of the accuracy in Soltech's controller units, it can easily be set and reset for sealing different materials and still perform a fully validated sealing. Data can be logged and extracted for documentation when necessary.

Electric, pneumatic, thermostatic and hydraulic inputs and outputs are possible. Even vision control can be integrated to interact with the controller during production. This also makes a Soltech controller capable of controlling many of our production equipment products with only few changes in the setup.​

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