About us

Soltech was established in 1997 in Denmark by owner and CEO Einar Gjaldbæk Petersen. Einar was often surprised by how people waste valuable time because of a lack of focus on solutions. He saw a need to shorten the gap from the initial idea to having a tangible solution to a problem and he decided to build his business on this very idea. Soltech therefore puts emphasis on realizing ideas and creating applicable technical solutions in a timely manner.

When Soltech was first established Einar ran his business from his house garage. But as customers have kept coming back, Soltech has now grown into a respected provider of technical solutions for start-ups as well as established businesses in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry.

Today Soltech operates from modern facilities located in a technology park just 20 kilometres from the center of Copenhagen. Our 800 m² facility features cleanroom production, tool shops and offices.

Soltech has a team of dedicated and highly motivated specialists that all have experience from the healthcare industry. Our employee group has a diverse profile of skilled and committed craftsmen, technical designers and engineers that makes Soltech highly competent in covering all aspects of the product development process from concept development to market entry.

At Soltech we have a Quality System in place to be compliant with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.​

Soltech Aps • Maaloev Vaerkstedsby 69 - 73 • DK - 2760 Maaloev • DENMARK Phone: +45 44972532 •  soltech